03.09.12RETROSPECTIVE: VITAL SIGNS: artist Maria Napoli

March 9 - 31, 2012 / PUBLIC RECEPTION FRIDAY, MAR 9, 6-9 PM

moxie DaDA is producing a retrospective exhibit for artist, MARIA NAPOLI of KENTUCKY at Elan Gallery in Sewickley, March 9-31, 2012. Through this retrospective of her work ( 2003 – present ), we see a snapshot of Ms. Napoli’s inner spirit, her challenges and response to them. It is an honor to produce a third solo exhibition entitled, VITAL SIGNS. Please join us for a public reception, Friday, MARCH 9, from 6-9 PM. The reception is free and open to the public.

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March 9 – 31, 2012
VITAL SIGNS ; Artwork by Kentucky artist, Maria Napoli

Retrospective: Vital Signs
The pulse of an artist’s life is perceived through their work. The forces and experiences of life make their imprint, bending the energy in response, hopefully making the center of the artist stronger as a person and a painter. I have also come to understand that painting lives beyond the paint and the brush, spilling into the objects around us that can find their place in the expression of emotion and thought. I have come to understand my work in this way. I feel objects around me forming into aspects of visual expression, pulling me towards new ways to build my inner visions. I feel that my work has functioned as an electrocardiogram recording my inner spikes and drops of psychological and emotional growth. The pieces assembled in this retrospective illustrate this growth as I have responded to life’s challenges and lessons. The exhibit will dip into the more three-dimensional, mixed media pieces, which will be playing a major role in the next phase of my artistic life. I have been exhibiting in Pittsburgh since the 2003 Three Rivers Arts Festival, and have shared many years of my expression with the people of Pittsburgh. It is truly fitting to chronicle the past, and lead into the future, in the city that has been a platform for my experiences, creative and otherwise for such a lengthy and formative time in my life.

Artist Statement

This work is a catalog of my emotional history and quest for spiritual development. The pieces deal with the struggle my mind and spirit encounter in processing the events of day to day living. The extremely painful events have proven to be some of the most life affirming, giving the color and glow to the pieces. The structural elements emerge out of a desire to feel grounded and in control in spite of such life altering events as loss of a loved one. We are always in control; it is the elements of life that we chose to control that shift us into an awareness of true happiness and the peace that arises with that discovery. I hope to connect to the viewer through these complex, yet universal, conditions. I use this raw emotion as a catalyst to create my spiritual landscapes. I allow the tension of my inner struggle for constant change, which exists in direct opposition to my desire for a foundation of stability, to guide my brush across the canvas. The agriculture and architecture that live in my memory merge to create a visual language to communicate that which does not exist visually. I take cues of color, atmosphere, space and depth that exist in landscape and translate them to create the innermost canvas of my spiritual discovery.

The oil pieces are painted with brush and a thin palette knife. There are no stamps or blocks used. Each shape is individually built with the use of brush and knife in combination or singularly. Dry brushing is used to blend colors while on the canvas, creating subtle color changes, beyond which is created while building the palette, the first "painting" were the color foundations are built before any mark is placed on the canvas. Hundreds of strokes are employed to create the smooth, atmospheric surface of the painting. Alternating the texture of the paint adds to the feeling of depth in the pieces. The combination of all of these techniques builds the final image.



Moxie DaDA is producing a solo exhibition for artist Zachary Brown to premiere at Elan Gallery in Sewickley, October 2011. The exhibition will run from October 8 – 23, 2011 with an opening reception, Friday, October 8 from 5-8 PM.
The reception is free and open to the public.

Gallery hours:
Saturday, OCT 8 & 22: 12-8 PM
F/Sa/Su: 12-5 PM
*with extended hours oct 8 / 22

As a figurative painter, Zachary’s artistic subject has always been the human form. In his early studies, Zachary found inspiration through portraiture and connected strongly with iconic & macabre images of religion. After a trip to Italy, his familiar portraits, modeled by friends and family, captured religious saints and religious deities as subjects. His classical technique and imagery of traditional religious art are contrasted with geometric, flat designs used as backgrounds. He uses images and symbols of Christian iconography, comparing and merging religions, Gnostic gospels, hierarchies, angels, fallen angels and countless saints to comment on the human state and fragility.

A recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Zachary Brown, produces his first solo exhibition. The exhibition is produced by moxie DaDA in collaboration with Joan Barenbregge of Elan Gallery.

Meet the Artist!
Saturday, October 8th : 5 - 8pm
Free and open to the public.


This exhibition features a solo exhibition for local artist, Jason Sauer. Jason has been a moxie DaDA represented artist since 2006. During the solo exhibition, his first in Pittsburgh, we had excellent attendance and interest in his work. Jason’s artwork, due to the nature of materials used, grabs attention and encourages its audience to ask questions about process while also demanding dialogue in a non aggressive style. Whether your initial reaction is positive or negative, you will leave with a better understanding of many different art forms and practices.

Jason Sauer uses metal and print making as his materials for creating three dimensional artworks. The metal comes from junked cars or old demolition derby cars, an “artistic” hobby that the artist participates in annually. He considers building and destroying his “art” car as part of his artistic process. This solo exhibition explores the bicycle as the “twisted metal” materials used.

The images that Jason chooses are influenced by romantic periods. He chooses his images to be symbolic of his relationships and creates “love letters” based on his life experiences. Printmaking is a large part of his artistic process.

artist statement - The theme for this show uses images from Victorian and Edwardian periods. The new works are influenced by the Frathing bicycle (big front wheel) and used as inspiration for the metal half of my 4 paintings. I choose an image I wish to borrow from, develop the idea of what I am feeling and create a new image. I find the relationship between the twisted metal and the printed material best express my vision and are a direct reflection of me. I use the demolition derby as my true American identity. I build a car every year (16years concurrent) and then enter it in the Great Stoneboro Fair, in Mercer County. I drive the car and smash it into other participating cars. I find this folk/performance art to be a reflection of “love relationships”. A reminder of Death is a reminder of Love.
When viewing my art, I would like you to think about love letters. My images are a representation of my love letters and of demo derby cars. These two things are very important to me and my art creation.
Email: mostwantedfineart@yahoo.com

For more information, please contact:
Christine Whispell